Tuesday, November 9, 2010


so...a bunch of family and i had been sleeping on the edge of the sidewalk along hillegass (which is next 2 the park) we were always pleasant 2 the "housies" who walked by...we weren't loud late at nite...up and gone by 7:30 every morning...y'know...we treated it like a place that we liked being...so then one morning before light a cop comes and tells us that because of "a little enforced ordinance, 667(e), we were NOT allowed 2 sleep on the PUBLIC sidewalk on residential streets...it's still ok 2 sleep on telegraph, in businesses doorways...now we have relocated where we go at nite 2 the wingnut churchs side yard...at least until they chase us out of there....then there's devon...the park dick...he used 2 b homeless 2...then the city gave him a job as "park liason"...which means he sits around thinking up ways 2 fuck with everyone in the park...a couple of weeks ago, right at dawn...when no one but me was awake yet 10 cops came in and stood around while devon directed city workers 2 remove all of the logs and tree rounds that had served as seating 2 park visitors...devon also checks 2 make sure the homeless in the park don't have any more than one backpack with bedroll apiece...THE HOMELESS AND POOR ARE NOT ALLOWED TO OWN THINGS !!!

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