Monday, November 8, 2010

My little PANDEMIC...% ) i get back 2 berkeley and peoples park after being away 4 30 yrs...last time i was here i helped turn the parking lot at the bottom of the park into a the trees r HUGE and it feels like anyway, i'm hanging with the kids on the ave. and i realise all i can "spange" (spare change) 4 r smiles...i quickly found the amazing power in JOY...a smile is a  LIGHT in an otherwise spiritually dark smiles r contagious and joy is i'm starting a worldwide PANDEMIC OF JOY...i mean...since we're heading towards who knows what in 2012 why not b happy and shine hard...just maybe when the BAD shit is supposed 2 happen we ALL TOGETHER CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING...everyone that i tell my idea 2 seems 2 think it's a workable 'bout YOU ?

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