Thursday, November 11, 2010

look at the title

ok...i said they were i'm kinda drunk...and on a ...few probably illegal sustances....what, i talked 2 the brother in the tree bcuz the cops said if he was removed they wouldn't crack down on us like they r getting ready 2 do and he is there 4 what he believes 2 b a good i'm calling anyone who cares 2 come and help me save the world 2 COME AND HELP ME SAVE THE FUCKING WORLD...there isn't really a whole lot of time 2 cause a WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC OF JOY...but hey if u got BETTER THINGS 2 DO... DO 'EM...yesterday i saw why u don't call cops...a guy called the police after accusing ME of stealing his stuff...the police laughed when they found out who he was accusing (bcuz i AM gandalf)...later aperson in a clown mask walked up and knocked the accuser OUT...I DON'T CONDONE SUCH THINGS...espesially in the park...however ALL i can do is make SUGGESTIONS 2 the kids about what i think of as acceptable fact, this evening i made an anouncement from the park stage concerning thieves who steal from those who have nothing...i can only hope my words were heard...% )

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