Thursday, November 11, 2010

look at the title

ok...i said they were i'm kinda drunk...and on a ...few probably illegal sustances....what, i talked 2 the brother in the tree bcuz the cops said if he was removed they wouldn't crack down on us like they r getting ready 2 do and he is there 4 what he believes 2 b a good i'm calling anyone who cares 2 come and help me save the world 2 COME AND HELP ME SAVE THE FUCKING WORLD...there isn't really a whole lot of time 2 cause a WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC OF JOY...but hey if u got BETTER THINGS 2 DO... DO 'EM...yesterday i saw why u don't call cops...a guy called the police after accusing ME of stealing his stuff...the police laughed when they found out who he was accusing (bcuz i AM gandalf)...later aperson in a clown mask walked up and knocked the accuser OUT...I DON'T CONDONE SUCH THINGS...espesially in the park...however ALL i can do is make SUGGESTIONS 2 the kids about what i think of as acceptable fact, this evening i made an anouncement from the park stage concerning thieves who steal from those who have nothing...i can only hope my words were heard...% )

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the layout of the world

ok...let's see...first, the park o' the park SMACK, CRACK n yo momma SPUN BACK...yes's a fucked up world here in the dark and they do HARD DRUGS in the top 1/3 of the park...middle section...grass, babies in kids with frizbees (officer sean aranus was videoed playing a little disc IN UNIFORM)...phreaks with guitars, drums (hand)...y'know...nermal folks...bottom of the park...G.D.F. kids (grateful dead family),shwilly kids, dirty kids, train hopper kids, y'know e'rbody...including me....i am 4 some reason granted deference by ALL of the different groups that dwell in the park and on telegraph...they all think i have a pretty good bead on things...i'm gonna make sure they aren'y disappointed...% )


so...a bunch of family and i had been sleeping on the edge of the sidewalk along hillegass (which is next 2 the park) we were always pleasant 2 the "housies" who walked by...we weren't loud late at nite...up and gone by 7:30 every morning...y'know...we treated it like a place that we liked then one morning before light a cop comes and tells us that because of "a little enforced ordinance, 667(e), we were NOT allowed 2 sleep on the PUBLIC sidewalk on residential's still ok 2 sleep on telegraph, in businesses we have relocated where we go at nite 2 the wingnut churchs side least until they chase us out of there....then there's devon...the park dick...he used 2 b homeless 2...then the city gave him a job as "park liason"...which means he sits around thinking up ways 2 fuck with everyone in the park...a couple of weeks ago, right at dawn...when no one but me was awake yet 10 cops came in and stood around while devon directed city workers 2 remove all of the logs and tree rounds that had served as seating 2 park visitors...devon also checks 2 make sure the homeless in the park don't have any more than one backpack with bedroll apiece...THE HOMELESS AND POOR ARE NOT ALLOWED TO OWN THINGS !!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

My little PANDEMIC...% ) i get back 2 berkeley and peoples park after being away 4 30 yrs...last time i was here i helped turn the parking lot at the bottom of the park into a the trees r HUGE and it feels like anyway, i'm hanging with the kids on the ave. and i realise all i can "spange" (spare change) 4 r smiles...i quickly found the amazing power in JOY...a smile is a  LIGHT in an otherwise spiritually dark smiles r contagious and joy is i'm starting a worldwide PANDEMIC OF JOY...i mean...since we're heading towards who knows what in 2012 why not b happy and shine hard...just maybe when the BAD shit is supposed 2 happen we ALL TOGETHER CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING...everyone that i tell my idea 2 seems 2 think it's a workable 'bout YOU ?


i have been noticing many omens lately...a huge band of cloud that's far 2 big 2 b vapor trail and looks exactly like snake scales going from horizon 2 horizon...looked like the ourobouros 2 me....who knows? ...the u.c. removed not only all of the logs from the park that people use 2 sit on but also took out the benches in front of ralieghs...r they trying 2 say they don't want us here?...could b...i found a book called "the alchemist" which in a nut shell told me 2 pay attention 2 omens (like the book itself) and don't give up following ur dream because only by following ur dream can you allow the universe support u and bring u success...% )

halloween on telegraph ave

halloween on telegraph ave...should b fun such luck...the students all acted like it was sunday nite and they had school or somthin' it got later some kids showed up at larry blakes in costume...somebody then made a call 2 the police concerning something about someone who knew someone who had heard something about a mutual friend who had a chihuahua who aparently had a gun bcuz suddenly 15 cop cars converged on the corner of channing and  tele...they ALL jumped out with guns drawn...phreaks with camera phones did what they do while the cops looked stupid being yelled at by phreaks withOUT...then they left...we blocked off telegraph with thier road barriers...i convinced the college kids that they should make some memories and we got a soccer game going on telegraph until 2:00 when the cops came back and made the students leave...all in all a great nite...% )