Monday, November 8, 2010

halloween on telegraph ave

halloween on telegraph ave...should b fun such luck...the students all acted like it was sunday nite and they had school or somthin' it got later some kids showed up at larry blakes in costume...somebody then made a call 2 the police concerning something about someone who knew someone who had heard something about a mutual friend who had a chihuahua who aparently had a gun bcuz suddenly 15 cop cars converged on the corner of channing and  tele...they ALL jumped out with guns drawn...phreaks with camera phones did what they do while the cops looked stupid being yelled at by phreaks withOUT...then they left...we blocked off telegraph with thier road barriers...i convinced the college kids that they should make some memories and we got a soccer game going on telegraph until 2:00 when the cops came back and made the students leave...all in all a great nite...% )

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